Student Affairs Fund 學生事務基金

– The Fund
The Fund is established by the Alumni Association.

– Objectives
a) to promote and support student affairs of our Alma Mater including, but not limited to education-based activities, extra-curricular activites and other activities that foster the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetical development of the students.
b) To provide financial support if deemed appropriate.

– Bye-laws
SFXS(TW)AA Student Affairs Fund Bye-laws.

– AutoPlus programme 八爪魚獎勵計劃
於二零零六年成立,有別於傳統學生獎勵計劃,Click here for details.

– Donation
By direct deposit to:
St. Francis Xavier’s School Tsuen Wan Alumni Association account 024-288-090038-003 with Hang Seng Bank Limited
or by monthly autopay.
For autopay, receipt arrangement and queries, please contact Mr. YEUNG Chun Kie at 24920226 of SFXS office.

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